Workday Releases

Workday Releases

Twice a year, in September and March, Workday – UBC’s integrated, cloud-based human resource, finance and payroll operations system delivers a release. The ISC manages and adopts these regular releases from Workday to ensure the system remains current.

Here you will find information on what changes you can expect with each release; what actions if any you may need to take to prepare; and what dates Workday will be unavailable. 

Workday releases are named for the calendar year in which they occur and their release number (for example, R1 for Release 1 in March or R2 for Release 2 in September).

What to Expect

Workday releases are different than releases in the past with PeopleSoft. The twice yearly Workday releases are product driven, the timing is set by Workday and there are both mandatory and optional items available for UBC to select from.

For the March 2021 release, UBC only adopted mandatory features that require immediate uptake to maintain the system and support stabilization of our production tenant and data. Optional features where deferred to minimize the impact on the UBC community and enabled the ISC and the community to focus on critical activities including financial year end.

What’s Changed - Workday 2021 Release 1 

The March release happened March 12-13, 2021. The release included many back-end items which won’t be noticeable to end users. 

The most noticeable changes you may see are: 


  • Review Time Report used by Managers/Timekeepers for bulk time tracking approvals – Time approvers (managers/timekeepers) may now review time using more granular filters, helping to quickly identify time entry exceptions that require follow-up, and to approve time entries in bulk when they’re ready. Please see the following Workday knowledge article for more support KB0017274 Time Entry Approval. The following filters will be added to the Review Time report:
    • All Workers
    • Workers with No Time Entered
    • Workers with Time Ready for Approval
    • Workers with Unsubmitted Time


  • New ‘Table View’ Option for Workday Reports and Tables – Enabling the new tables view allows you to switch between view modes. Improving the accessibility and usability of Workday reports and tables, especially for those who use assistive technologies, employees can now turn on “Table View,” which spreads report and table results over several easier-to-navigate pages rather than on one result-heavy (scroll-intensive) screen; users will also be able to expand or collapse rows to better control how information is displayed in reports and tables.

Learn how to safeguard your cyber security with Workday HERE.


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