About ISC

About ISC

What is the Integrated Service Centre (ISC)?

Workday is an integrated platform that brings together HR, Finance and eventually Enrolment Services processes under one system. This requires HR, Finance, IT and Enrolment Services to collaborate to sustain Workday.

The Integrated Service Centre (ISC) was created to enable that partnership, with a common goal to meet the changing needs of the community through integrated services that support and improve our use of Workday and related products and services.

The ISC’s objectives are to:

  1. Support an engaged, collaborative, and exceptional learning, research, and working environment for students, staff, and faculty
  2. Enable a cohesive alignment of practices and processes
  3. Create a simple, intuitive, consistent user experience where we interact with confidence and ease
  4. Ensure reliable, integrated, and accessible institutional data that enables people to make informed, strategic decisions
  5. Position UBC and its people to embrace opportunities, continuously improve, and adapt to future needs and requirements
  6. Provide robust, secure, sustainable solutions that are fiscally responsible

The ISC provides three key services

  • Service Desk and Self-Service Support
  • Product Continuous Improvement
  • Application Sustainment

The ISC launched at the same time as Workday for HR and Finance on November 2, 2020.