Workday Enhancements

Workday Enhancements

The ISC continually updates Workday to better meet UBC’s needs, based on community feedback and collaboration with different units, faculties, and departments. Working with Central Finance, Central HR, and Payroll, we make changes to deliver value to UBC as well as faculty and staff who use Workday.

A Workday enhancement could be the addition of a new component or tool in Workday, a new feature within an application or component we already use, or a way to optimize a current Workday feature. Enhancements are prioritized by the relevant process owner (e.g. Central Finance, Central HR, Payroll) and the ISC supports them in evaluating and implementing these changes to align with UBC’s strategic priorities and operational activities.

Please note: As of August 7, 2023, the ISC will be focusing on supporting a successful first launch of Workday Student, the September Workday release, and providing support to our community during the start of the academic year. This means fewer enhancements than usual will be completed from now until November 2023.

We will continue to make updates to Workday HCM, Finance, and Payroll that are critical to university operations, have a high impact, or are needed to meet regulatory requirements.

UBC faculty and staff can continue to submit suggestions for future enhancements using the Workday support form, and can see the current lists of planned enhancements for Workday Finance and Workday HR (HCM) and Payroll on SharePoint (CWL required).