Workday Enhancements

Workday Enhancements

The ISC continually updates Workday to better meet UBC’s needs, based on community feedback and collaboration with different units, faculties, and departments. Working with Central Finance, Central HR, and Payroll, we make changes to deliver value to UBC as well as faculty and staff who use Workday.

A Workday enhancement could be the addition of a new component or tool in Workday, a new feature within an application or component we already use, or a way to optimize a current Workday feature. Enhancements are prioritized by the relevant process owner (e.g. Central Finance, Central HR, Payroll) and the ISC supports them in evaluating and implementing these changes to align with UBC’s strategic priorities and operational activities.

Below are the current lists of planned enhancements for Workday Finance and Workday HR (HCM) and Payroll.

Upcoming Enhancements

Here are the some of the planned enhancements that are currently targeted for completion by December 31, 2022.*


  • Allow Position Choice on Expense Reports. Allow employees with multiple positions or those submitting expenses on their behalf to select the position the expense is related to. This ensures the expense is routed to the correct Manager for approval. Currently, expense reports are always sent to the Primary Manager regardless of the expense submitted.
  • Enable Upload of Budgets for Capital Projects. Using the Workday budgets feature, the Capital Financial Management team will be able to maintain both a budget and a forecast on capital projects in Workday. They will also be able to update multiple project budgets at once using the upload feature. This will expand their ability and capacity to manage the finances of their various projects.
  • Automate Benefits Reallocation in Payroll Accounting. Benefits costs account for a significant portion of salaries in many areas of UBC. We are exploring the use of automation to help ensure the costs of benefits are charged correctly. By providing more accurate accounting, faculties and departments will be better positioned to manage their finances.
  • Improve Integration and Eliminate Manual Updates on Reverse Invoices. In the current integration between Workday and the Utilities Management System (UMS), once an invoice is reversed in UMS, it must be also be reversed manually in Workday. This enhancement will modify the existing integration so that Workday automatically generates an invoice reversal.
  • Set-Up Accounting Adjustment to Correct Ledger Account on Supplier Invoices. When supplier invoices are charged to an incorrect ledger account, we hope to redirect these charges using an accounting adjustment instead of requiring an accounting journal to make the process more efficient and convenient. If this solution is effective, we may apply it to similar scenarios in future.

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HR (HCM) and Payroll

  • Review Legislative Sick Leave Eligibility and Set-Up in Workday. In collaboration with Central HR, the ISC is reviewing how legislative sick leave functioned in 2022, and how to best set it up in Workday for eligible UBC employees in 2023. Legislative sick leave was created in January 2022 in accordance with new legislation.
  • Show Past Salary Changes in Compensation Change Process. Employees often have multiple compensation changes throughout their careers. When someone is initiating or approving a compensation change in Workday, we want to show them any compensation changes, including one-time payments, the employee has received in the last 12 months. This visibility will help ensure that they are aware of past changes, and prevent errors such as duplicate updates or exceeding maximum honorarium amounts.
  • Make Employment Agreements Visible for Job Requisition Hires. When an employee accepts a position posted through a job requisition, their employment agreement is not visible on their employee profile in Workday, and only shows on their external candidate account. As this is an important document, we are reviewing how to make this signed agreement visible to them in Workday.
  • Increase New Hourly Employees Awareness of Time Entry. New hourly employees can sometimes be unaware that they need to submit their hours in Workday, and how to do so correctly. To better support these employees, we will review our onboarding and hiring processes and identify opportunities to help ensure those in hourly positions are familiar with time entry in Workday.
  • Enable Email Alerts of New Jobs for External Candidates Allowing external candidates to set-up customized email alerts for new job postings from UBC will help potential candidates stay on top of new openings, and help ensure that posting attract the attention of a wide array of suitable candidates.

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The summaries above are updated quarterly, and were last updated on October 28, 2022. Completed enhancements that are important for the community are announced through Workday This Week. For the latest information on all enhancements, please see our complete lists on SharePoint (CWL required).

*Timelines and details of the enhancements are subject to change.

Questions or Suggestions?

To suggest a future enhancement, such as a way to improve an existing process, or to inquire about a planned enhancement, please submit a Workday support request and include the word ‘Enhancement’ in the short description. If you have submitted an enhancement request, you can check the current list for its status, or follow up on your original Workday support ticket by email or through the UBC Self Service Portal.