Workday Enhancements

Workday Enhancements

The ISC continually updates Workday to better meet UBC’s needs, based on community feedback and collaboration with different units, faculties, and departments. Working with Central Finance, Central HR, and Payroll, we make changes to deliver value to UBC as well as faculty and staff who use Workday.

A Workday enhancement could be the addition of a new component or tool in Workday, a new feature within an application or component we already use, or a way to optimize a current Workday feature. Enhancements are prioritized by the relevant process owner (e.g. Central Finance, Central HR, Payroll) and the ISC supports them in evaluating and implementing these changes to align with UBC’s strategic priorities and operational activities.

Below is our current list of planned enhancements for Workday Finance. Note: We will publish our list of planned HR (HCM) enhancements shortly.

Upcoming Enhancements

Here are the some of the planned enhancements that are currently targeted for completion by September 30, 2022.*


  • Agency Fund Exploration and Review. Through a new working group, we'll examine how UBC currently manages Agency Funds and what our needs are. This will allow us to review and modify our processes as needed, and ensure we are able to meet our financial reporting needs around these funds.
  • Enable Electronic Payments for Customer and Sponsor Refunds. By activating electronic payments for Customer and Sponsor refunds, we'll be able to process refunds even when the recipient doesn’t accept cheques or wire payments. This supports the digital transformation of UBC by moving away from manual, paper-based processes and making our operations more cost-effective and efficient.
  • Strategic Initiative Costs Tracking & Reporting. UBC has several strategic initiatives (e.g. Climate Change, EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion), Indigenous engagement) that need financial reporting. This enhancement will improve our ability to track expenses for these initiatives across multiple worktags.
  • Review and Optimize Requisition Process. Working with Financial Operations, the ISC will review our current processes in Workday used to create requisitions for goods and services, and explore areas for improvement. Our goal is to streamline these processes for both Financial Operations and the wider community.

The summary above is updated quarterly, and was last updated on July 11, 2022. Completed enhancements that are important for the community are announced through Workday This Week. For the latest information on all Finance enhancements, please see our complete list (CWL required).

*Timelines and details of the enhancements are subject to change.

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Questions or Suggestions?

To suggest a future enhancement, such as a way to improve an existing process, or to inquire about a planned enhancement, please submit a Workday support request and include the word ‘Enhancement’ in the short description. If you have submitted an enhancement request, you can check the current list for its status, or follow up on your original Workday support ticket by email or through the UBC Self Service Portal.