Enhancements: A New Window Into Our Work

Enhancements: A New Window Into Our Work

June 13, 2022

Since our formation, part of the ISC’s role has always been to support the of continuous improvement of Workday at UBC. Workday enhancements have always been a key piece of that work, but now the UBC community will have greater visibility into this work through our newly public list of enhancements.

Enhancements are changes to Workday that add new functionality or features, or improve an existing process. They can start as suggestions or requests, often coming in as a Workday support request, or as ideas from faculty and staff who work in units or faculties with unique needs. Our role is to help the relevant process owner (e.g. Central Finance, Central HR, Payroll) evaluate and roll-out these changes.

On our Workday enhancements page, you can see some enhancements that we plan to complete this quarter that may be of interest to the wider UBC community, as well as our full list of enhancements, which is updated frequently. Those who have submitted a request can check its status, and everyone can see all of our current planned enhancements, as well as what stage they are at in the process.

Part of this process is looking at the root causes of the challenges some areas of the university are facing when it comes to Workday, and the processes it supports, in order to investigate solutions to determine the best path forward. Our goal is to understand the reasoning behind each request, and work with the process owners to research, test, and implement changes that deliver value to UBC and our community.  

The large number of enhancements means that we need to prioritize our work effectively. Some enhancements aren’t currently possible due to time and resources available, while others are restricted by UBC policies, procedures, and limitations within Workday itself. In these cases, we can look at how to provide better support, and use this as feedback on where to focus our efforts on future improvements.

While we currently only have our Workday Finance enhancement list published, we continue to improve Workday for HR and Payroll, and will share that list of enhancements later this summer.

I hope the UBC community enjoys this newfound visibility and insight into the work of the ISC.

Henrik Agerskov
Senior Product Manager, Integrated Service Centre (ISC)