Survey to Gather Feedback on HR / Finance Administrative Processes

Survey to Gather Feedback on HR / Finance Administrative Processes

May 21, 2021

On June 1, randomly selected faculty and staff across the UBC community will be asked for their insight into how selected Workday processes have stabilized, improved, or require attention post go-live.  

A survey, conducted by the Integrated Renewal Program (IRP) and Integrated Service Centre (ISC), will measure the user experience of six HR / Finance administrative processes against an identical survey conducted in April 2020 evaluating pre-Workday systems and processes.  

The six HR and finance administrative processes were selected because of their impact to a broad group of UBC faculty and staff: 

  1. Workplace learning (UBC employee required training and elective courses) 
  2. Expense reimbursement 
  3. Time and absence entry and approval 
  4. Internal sales of goods or services from/to another department at UBC 
  5. Internal grant report information for Principal Investigators 
  6. Information requests for decision makers  

From June 1 – 18, over 6,000 UBC faculty, staff and student employees in a variety of faculties, units and administrative roles have been randomly selected to participate in the survey. The survey will be run again in 2022. 

Your feedback and continued support is valued and appreciated.