Updated UBC Self Service Portal and New Workday Support Form

Updated UBC Self Service Portal and New Workday Support Form

November 28, 2021

As part of our ongoing work to help our community better access support and to resolve help requests more efficiently, we are making updates to both the UBC Self Service Portal and our support forms.

These changes include:

  • Creating a dedicated form for all Workday-related support requests.
  • Featuring the new Workday support form on the Self-Service portal homepage.
  • Including Workday access requests within the main Workday support form.

With these updates, we are streamlining how employees access Workday support. Collecting more information from those requesting support helps us to assign the support ticket to the right team, reduces the need for follow-up questions, and makes it easier to identify the issue and cause.

A few improvements we’ve made to the new Workday support form are:

  • Expanding the number of main categories for Workday support requests.
  • Adding in subcategories to help us more quickly direct tickets to the right team.
  • Presenting specific follow up questions based on the topic selected when helpful.
  • In specific cases, automatically assigning tickets to a team based on the topic selected.

As a reminder, Payroll inquiries are now also submitted through the Workday support form.

We hope the new Workday support form and updates to the portal will improve the experience for faculty and staff when they are accessing support from the Integrated Service Centre (ISC).

Thank you to our partners in IT for their work on this project.

Harjot Guram,
Senior Director, ISC Operations